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Fantastic Sams International is a full service hair care franchise with salons located throughout North America. The company's corporate headquarters are located in Beverly, MA.

Main Telephone (714) 466-9800
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2280 Wardlow Circle
Suite 230
Corona, CA 92880

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Ruth S. Vice President, Marketing MA
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Main Phone: (978) 232-5600
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Assistant Phone: *** **** ***
Address: 2280 Wardlow Circle
Suite 230
Corona, CA

Lisa C. Regional Director CA
Susan P. Senior Director, Beauty Products & Retail MA

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INTERVIEW: Salon chain Fantastic Sams expanding after Dessange acquisition

After being has plans to accelerate its North American expansion efforts even further.

Fantastic Sams has already targeted metro Birmingham, Ala., according to the
reports. The Beverly, Mass.-based company plans to install 12 to 15 salons within two to three years in Birmingham and up to 40 around Orlando.

In an interview with WinmoEdge, President and Chief Executive Officer Scott Colabuono discussed Fantastic Sams’ goals for growing beyond its 1,200 salon franchise network, and how the company’s marketing approach continues to evolve.

He also touched on his openness for forming mutually beneficial marketing alliances and the company’s agency need in New England.

Colabuono expressed that Fantastic Sams can succeed almost anywhere, but it considers total population and demographics when it decides what markets to enter or expand within further.

He said that Fantastic Sams likes Birmingham, even though it currently only has one salon there, because it’s truly a multicultural city. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the city’s demographics skew 62 percent African American and 33 percent white.

The Birmingham area only has a couple thousand people, but the metropolitan area contains more than one million citizens.

“We think it’s prime for what we offer as a full service salon, which is a full menu of multicultural services, whether it’s regular haircuts, coloring – which we do on everybody – and treatments on the hair for rejuvenation,” Colabuono said. “We do hair removal and waxing services, as well.”

He added that Orlando is a little different because entertainment meccas like Disney World and Universal Studios create a diverse customer mix depending on the season.

“We think most markets are moving towards multicultural now,” Colabuono acknowledged. “That’s we have a full training program. We have a full product line and we’ve had a great response to our services. We do constant training, as well, across our services.”

He said training like this is vital because different ethnicities have different types of hair that each require special product lines in order to achieve the look desired.

In addition to Orlando and Birmingham, Fantastic Sams recently bought a region back from a master franchisor that included Huntsville, Chattanooga and Knoxville, Tenn. Continuing in the Southeast, the company is also actively pursuing Charleston, metro Atlanta –which Colabuono said is Fantastic Sams’ cornerstone – and Columbus, Ga.

He added that Fantastic Sams has about 35 salons within the Atlanta section of the Southeast market, but the region could easily hold 100 salons or even more.

Overall, Fantastic Sams sees potential to grow in all of its current markets: the Western market has about 300 salons; the Midwest has between 400 and 500 salons; and the Eastern region has about 400 salons.

In December, the company
the franchise rights to 93 salons in Minnesota, one of its largest and most successful markets.

“Two years ago we bought back Canada and we’re actively pursuing that,” Colabuono expressed. “We’re attending several Canadian franchise expo shows and we’re having a great response from that. We just opened our first location in Alaska this year and we opened in Saskatchewan.”

Colabuono said one of his initiatives
since joining Fantastic Sams in 2006 is to ultimately buy back all of the company’s master licenses. He said that Fantastic Sams has completed about 15 transactions and has about 14 or 15 to go, which it expects to complete during the next two to five years.

“We want to take a complic
ated system and make it very simple where the franchisor is supporting the franchisees in the traditional sense without a middle man, so to speak, in the way,” he added.

Now that Fantastic Sams has been acquired by Dessange International these expansion efforts should accelerate even further. When WinmoEdge last
with Colabuono, he shared that a demographic and psychographic study showed that Fantastic Sams could grow to about 4,000 locations in the U.S. without saturating the market.

“Those 4,000 locations were for the value priced segment within Fantastic Sams’ marketplace,” he added. ”The nice thing about Dessange Paris is that they have 1,000 units approximately in around 40 countries plus France, and they’re in the franchise salon business. It’s a perfect alignment of premium and ultra-premium salons with our affordable priced salons.”

The Dessange brands –
– are appointment-based salons, whereas Fantastic Sams is not. Colabuono said that since Dessange’s brands offer high premium service and appeal to a different marketplace than Fantastic Sams, the alliance will work well.

“They have seven salons in the United States and we’re going to push very rapidly sometime next year in the Camile Albane brand, which is really a great addition to our portfolio,” he continued.

On the marketing front, Fantastic Sams has always utilized a lot of direct mail, but the company is increasing using the Internet, social media and public relations to build awareness. The company has several websites, including a franchise sales website, and is on LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.

Colabuono added that the salon chain is also conducting “a lot” of local search so guests can easily find Fantastic Sams. While the company doesn’t accept appointments, it does use mobile to remind guests that it has been a certain number of weeks since their last haircut. The company’s voluntary E-Club also allows guests to receive promotions and other reasons to visit their local location.

In more heavily saturated markets, Fantastic Sams utilizes “a little print” advertising and it does use television in about two markets, in addition to the aforementioned strategies.

“What we’re finding is that what used to be called non-traditional advertising, which is really now traditional, is eclipsing even TV in many cases,” Colabuono acknowledged.

As Fantastic Sams reaches more diverse audiences, the company has increased its multicultural marketing efforts. During the past three years, our source said that the salon has increased its production and the professionalism of its photos featuring multicultural clients in-salon and on coupons.

“In the next week or so we’re coming out with our first collection by Fantastic Sams, which is a collection of hair styles for Caucasian, Asian and African American women that we will publish and have in the salons,” Colabuono stated. “It’s something that Fantastic Sams has never done before and you’ll see it on the Internet, as well. It’s really designed to increase the visibility of our salons and show that we can do great hair styles in our model with no appointment.”

He added that Fantastic Sams is breaking ground with this initiative because salons on the affordable end usually don’t create their own collections.

“We’re trying to continually give our guests the highest level of service that we can at an affordable price,” Colabuono said. “People will always look for value and we’re training them to look for that value.”

Fantastic Sams’ customer base will always skew towards 55 percent women, 33 percent men and 10 percent kids, our source shared, but he’s noticed that men getting their hair styled and using products is on the rise.

“We’ve had some research done with one of our vendors and they’re seeing a very growing trend of younger men – early 30s and late 20s – that go to salons and want to look good and keep their hair looking good later,” Colabuono stated. “They’re into asking their stylist what products they should be using and they’re becoming consumers in their own right. On the Fantastic Sams private line, about three years ago, we came out with our men’s line of shampoo, conditioning and styling products, which has been well received. We see many more men coloring their hair now, as well, to keep the grey out. We’re now seeing men’s color at around 8 percent of our total, which is up from pretty near zero a few years ago.”

In the past, Fantatic Sams
Spiegel to makeover women at different stages in their lives. Colabuono said Fantastic Sams actively pursues these types of mutually beneficial alliances to boost awareness.

In addition to brands, the salon chain partners with charities nationwide too.

“In the Northeast we have an alliance with, who is a celebrity stylist in his own right,” Colabuono stated. “He contacted us and he’s been an advocate for Boston Children’s Hospital for many years. We’re joining with him and raising funds through the salon for Boston Children’s Hospital. In Minneapolis, they work with St. Jude’s Hospital, where they do fundraisers. We also work with others in cycles too. We don’t have them every year, but when we do, we heavily promote them.”

Fantastic Sams currently works with Decatur, Ga.-based
for social media and PR in the national advertising fund.

“Locally, in our markets that are regionally based, we might have O’Leary and Partners in some markets and local agencies in other markets to work directly with franchisees and other people to map out an ad campaign specifically for that market,” Colabuono added. “We always try to use local services when we can because of their knowledge of the customer and what is going on there.”

Colabuono shared that Fantastic Sams will currently listen to agency pitches, and that it's specifically looking for a more generalized agency in New England for franchise sales.

“Even though we use No Limit for PR, we now need a more general agency for regular franchise sales work because we attend a lot of events and we do a lot of ads at those events, as well as ads that we post on the Internet and in other places,” our source expressed. “We’re looking to add an agency over the next couple of months or so.”

Colabuono said interested agencies should email him directly, and then he’ll point them in the right direction.

Fantastic Sams International
50 Donham Rd.
Third Floor
Beverly, MA 01915
(978) 232-5600

Scott Colabuono
President & Chief Executive Officer
(978) 232-5600