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Headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, Henkel Consumer Goods manufactures consumer products such as Dial, Purex, Renuzit, and others. Henkel Consumer Goods is a subsidiary of Henkel KGaA, based in Duesseldorf, Germany. ** NOTE: As a privately held subsidiary of a publicly traded parent company, annual revenue and employee count are not readily available. Therefore, the revenue and employee figures presented below are those of the parent company. **

Main Telephone (475) 210-0230
Main Fax
Primary Address
200 Elm Street
Stamford, CT 06902

Henkel Consumer Goods Contacts

Contacts (5/23)
Name Title State
Jeffery P. President & Chief Financial Officer - America CT
Sample of Associated Brands
Email: *****@*******.***
Main Phone: (475) 210-0230
Direct Phone: *** **** ***   ext: ****
Direct Fax: *** **** ***
Assistant Name: ** **** ***
Assistant Phone: *** **** ***
Address: 200 Elm Street
Stamford, CT

Andreas H. Senior Vice President & General Manager - Home Care CT
Todd G. Vice President & General Manager AZ
Laura H. Vice President, eCommerce AZ
Tina J. Vice President, Sales AZ

Media Spend

Media Spend Summary
Media Spend Channel

Associated Brands

Brand Media Spend
Combat *
Dial *******
Purex *******
Renuzit *******
Tone *

Agency Relationships

Brand Agency Service From To
** **** **** / ***** ******* ********* Media Planning 2016 present
****** ******* ********* Media Planning 2016 present
**** *** ******** *'******* + ******** AOR - creative 2010 present
**** ******* ********* Media Planning 2016 present
**** *** *** *** ******** *'******* + ******** AOR - creative 2011 present

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INTERVIEW: Dial for Men joins Pinterest to engage women and men

Women may be driving social sharing site.

The brand, a division of the Henkel Co., is claiming to be the first men’s personal care brand on the site,
reports. After our interview with Senior Brand Manager Janell Holas it’s apparent why Dial for Men decided to join Pinterest.

While 80 percent of Pinterest’s 10 million registered users (as of early 2012) are women, two million are men. Also, Dial for Men’s research shows that approximately half of male body wash purchases are made by women, our source shared.

erest. More than 80 percent of the site’s “pins” are re-pins versus brand new content.  While Facebook still leads referral traffic as of January by a large margin, Twitter barely edged out the newcomer, accounting for 3.61 percent of referral traffic versus Pinterest’s 3.6 percent. The site created the graphic to the right, which highlights important Pinterest terms.


During our discussion, Holas further discusses how Dial for Men’s brand message will stand out in Pinterest’s sea of fashion and recipe-related posts, and how the site factors into its overall marketing approach.
WinmoEdge: Why did Dial for Men decide to join Pinterest? What makes the site so attractive for the brand?

Janell Holas: Pinterest provides an opportunity for people to share their passions, and at Dial for Men, we’re passionate about getting dirty – and of course getting clean afterwards. We wanted to provide the tools and space for our like-minded consumers to share this passion with us. We noticed that there wasn’t a lot of content on Pinterest for our consumer, so we wanted to make it fun for him to engage with the brand in an environment where he may be searching for content that resonates with him.

One of the things that sets the Dial for Men brand apart in this cluttered, competitive category is our authenticity.  When we see an opportunity to organically connect with our consumers, we jump on it. We felt that our brand message of celebrating dirt as a sign of a job well-done or game well-played would really stand out in a sea of the typical crafts, fashion and recipes on Pinterest.

WinmoEdge: How is Dial for Men currently using the site to boost awareness and are there additional plans for leveraging the site already in the works?

Janell Holas: Our Pinterest
includes a custom mud splat motif spattered throughout each board – and no two splats will be pinned twice.  We are creating and promoting content with boards such as “Fashion to Get Your Dirt On,” “Vacations to Get Your Dirt On” and, “Products to Get Your Dirt Off.”

WinmoEdge: Reports are showing that Pinterest’s exploding popularity is being driven mainly by women, which looks like a great opportunity for Dial for Men to reach audiences who are often behind household purchases. Is the goal with Pinterest to reach these women or men too?

Janell Holas: It's been widely reported that more than 80 percent of Pinterest users are women, but that still means that 20 percent of Pinterest’s audience is male.  At 10 million registered users, that’s two million guys who are a part of this social community.  We wanted to be a beacon of masculinity and fun for the guys who are looking through the sea of girly content on Pinterest.  At the same time, if women stumble upon and enjoy our celebration of dirt, we are more than happy to have them interact with the brand as well – our research shows that roughly half of male body wash purchases are made by women.

WinmoEdge: How is Dial for Men currently using social media and other online channels to compete with brands like Old Spice and Axe that have larger media spends? Are you finding that social media is helping to level the playing field?

Janell Holas: Pinterest is just one part of our ongoing campaign to establish the evolution of our Dial for Men brand positioning:

In 2011, Dial for Men evolved our brand positioning. We leveraged the Dial heritage equity, combined it with a unique consumer insight and re-staged the brand over open white space in the category:  aspirational dirty. Our product is about getting clean. But for guys, getting dirty is the fun part.

If guys do something that gets them really filthy, the chances are, they had fun doing it – or at the very least, they’re proud of the result.  Dirt is evidence of time well spent. It means you got off the couch and did something worthwhile. Dirt is the sign of a job well-done, or a game well-played.  Even if guys don’t get the opportunity to get out there and get dirty all the time, they wish they were the kind of guy who does.  We call this celebration of dirt “Aspirational Dirty.”  And at Dial for Men, that’s what we’re all about.

We celebrate dirt as a badge of honor, and from a marketing perspective we want to encourage our consumers to “Get their dirt on,” because Dial for Men will be there to get it off. In this competitive and cluttered category, we needed to create and activate a powerful communications platform that would introduce the brand positioning and drive purchase with target consumers.

Last year we executed a very successful sweepstakes where consumers could win a chance to attend
, a three-day ultimate man weekend in Colorado with competitive events such as Swamp Bowl, Bull Dozer Drag Race, Digging with Dynamite, Paintball Apocalypse, ATV Rodeo, and Mud Slide Speedway.

In Q1 2012, Dial for Men is launching the first form-change innovation to hit the US. Soap aisle in over 20 years: Dial for Men’s Speed Foam body wash.

Dial for Men’s Speed Foam body wash is a new type of full body foamy soap, different than anything else available. Dispensed from a unique self-propelling aluminum bottle, its quick gel-to-foam formula requires only a small quarter-sized shot for both total body coverage and maximum cleaning ability with no fuss or need of a washcloth or loofah.  Dial for Men Speed Foam is taking body wash to the next level, and we wanted to take our “Aspirational Dirty” messaging to the next level:  that’s why this year we’re leveraging unique partners and touchpoints to take our messaging to the consumer, via programs like our national presenting sponsorship of the
mud run obstacle course series, and of course, Pinterest.

WinmoEdge:  In addition to Dial for Men’s new Pinterest presence, how else is
involved in helping to expand the brand’s presence? Does Dial for Men work with other agencies?

Janell Holas: Red Tettemer + Partners is our advertising and digital/social agency of record.  In 2011 we created the
and launch campaign with them, and based on our effective and successful relationship, we expanded our partnership in 2012 to award them the Dial for Men digital/social scope of work.

I feel like Red Tettemer + Partners is a true partner for us on this brand; the Pinterest activation is just one example of our shared passion for the brand and the fun that we have together as a brand/agency team. Red Tettemer + Partners is our sole creative agency for the brand, and
serves as our media partner.

WinmoEdge: What are the other primary marketing channels and media that Dial for Men uses to reach its intended audiences? How is this mix continuing to evolve?

Janell Holas: Dial for Men has a strong digital campaign this year with buys on men’s content and lifestyle sites. We sought out opportunities to place rich media/video content, as demonstrating Speed Foam usage and educating consumers on this new form-change innovation is a key priority for our communications this year.  Additionally, we partner with properties that allow us to reinforce our Aspirational Dirty positioning.

WinmoEdge: How important are strategic partnerships like sponsorships and co-branding in Dial for Men’s marketing strategy?

Janell Holas: While traditional media remains a part of our marketing mix, our
Spartan Race partnership added a level of excitement to our media plans that normal tactics simply can’t deliver.  In the competitive male body wash landscape, one of the things that sets Dial for Men apart is the authenticity of the brand.  Being a sponsor of the Spartan Race really places our brand in a context where our positioning is truly brought to life.  A sponsorship like this tells the consumer who we are and what we stand for.  In addition to the strong alignment with our brand strategy, partnering with Spartan throughout 38 races across the United States is a big activation that will energize our sales stakeholders and retail partners.

Dial for Men will have a strong on-site presence at all 38 US Spartan Races.  In addition to specific obstacles sponsored by Dial for Men like the Dial for Men Gladiator Arena and Dial for Men Barbed Wire Bog, we’ll have branded signage throughout the race including the starting corral and runner’s village.

Obviously we want to provide Spartan Race athletes with the opportunity to try our products on-site, so we’re sponsoring the shower areas and will provide products like our new Dial for Men Speed Foam body wash as well as our Dial for Men Hair & Body Ultimate Clean body wash.  Finally, as the presenting sponsor, we’ll be included in nearly all Spartan Race media touchpoints including TV, digital, OOH, social, etc..

WinmoEdge: Would you be interested in hearing from corporate marketers who are interested in aligning with Dial for Men, or from agencies who have experience working with similar brands?

Janell Holas: At this time I’d rather not invite solicitations from agencies.  Other corporate marketers who are interested in aligning with Dial for Men should contact our advertising and digital agency-of-record, Red Tettemer, or our media-buying agency, OMD LA.

Janell said she would prefer not to discuss Dial for Men's specific target audiences for competitive reasons.

Henkel Consumer Goods Inc.
19001 N. Scottsdale Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85255
(480) 754-3425

Janell Holas
Senior Brand Manager – Dial and Dial for Men - Bar, Body Wash and Hand Sanitizer

(480) 754-3425