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Baptist Health South Florida is a not-for-profit health care organization. Headquartered in Coral Gables, FL, Baptist Health South Florida offers a great multitude of health services, including outpatient and home care services.

Main Telephone (305) 273-2555
Main Fax (305) 273-2452
Primary Address
6855 Red Road
Suite 600
Coral Gables, FL 33143

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Brian K. President & Chief Executive Officer FL
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Main Phone: (305) 273-2555
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Address: 6855 Red Road
Suite 600
Coral Gables, FL

Wendy G. Corporate Vice President, Finance FL
Linda K. Corporate Director - Office of Diversity FL

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Baptist Health SoFla ups dedicated staffer to Marketing, PR role

Nonprofit healthcare organization Baptist Health South Florida announced the promotion of Roymi Membiela to the role of corporate vice president of marketing and public relations.
At the Miami-based organization, Membiela will lead marketing and communication efforts for all of its hospitals, facilities and other affiliates. She spent the last six years as assistant VP of marketing and public relations for Baptist Health, which has aptly prepared her to take on her new position at the organization.
Baptist Health is the Southeast region’s largest faith-based, nonprofit health care organization. With more than 14,000 employees, Baptist Health’s portfolio includes Baptist, Baptist Children’s, Doctors, Homestead, Mariners and South Miami Hospitals, as well as Baptist Cardiac & Vascular Institute, Baptist Outpatient Services and Baptist Health Enterprises.
In an interview with WinmoEdge, Membiela outlined her long-term goals for Baptist Health and her excitement at the prospect of continuing to work with such a successful, growing organization.
WinmoEdge: In a nutshell, what are your new responsibilities at Baptist Health South Florida as a result of your recent promotion?
Roymi Membiela: Basically I’ll oversee all aspects of marketing and communications for Baptist Health and its various entities – the hospitals, the medical plazas and all the affiliates we have. The biggest priority for now is to try to consolidate a lot of the things we’ve done and evaluate what are some of the things that we have done through the years that need a little bit of dusting off and revisions and incorporate our communication into a digital mode.
Obviously, the last few years we’ve started to expand our outreach beyond the traditional methods to incorporate more digital outreach, and that will probably be one of my top priorities – how to digitize our messaging. I’m moving away from traditional media, but there’s still a lot of overlap. There are folks that depend on both (traditional and digital), but the transition is happening very fast with digital components.
WinmoEdge: Can you detail your background in digital communications?
Roymi Membiela: I came to Baptist seven years ago as a consultant and I served as a consultant for close to two years and joined the organization as an executive. I came to Baptist looking for a career in marketing or in another department. Ultimately, I found this to be a permanent, long-term home, and I fell in love with “the Pineapple” and with our mission and various individuals in the organization at an executive level.
For the last two years, part of my responsibilities prior to this assignment involved digital marketing, I handled Hispanic and digital marketing, referral services and outpatient services – the entity that offers diagnostic outpatient and urgent care services throughout the entire community. That’s probably the fastest entity because we serve locations throughout all of Miami Dade County, and now we have three locations in Broward County. I was obviously very involved in the overall marketing of Baptist Health with those segments and in terms of making the transition, it’s about evaluating the components that we’re now producing with traditional methods that, perhaps, in addition to having those methods, can be branched into digital components like the newsletters and so many other things like advertising and PR.
Through the years before coming to Baptist, I was preparing for the transition, and when I came to Baptist, I saw we had some ground to cover, and the moment I had an opportunity to oversee the digital sites, we turned that heat on that part of the stove. We’ve got lots of ground to cover, but for a healthcare organization, we have the most prominence when it comes to digital outreach than any other entity.
WinmoEdge: How do you intend to use social media to Baptist Health’s benefit?
Roymi Membiela: We initiated our social media outreach a little over a year ago, and it’s been slowly gaining momentum. I feel very strongly that it’s going to be a great tool for us to communicate, not just externally, but within our own organization to employees. Like many large organizations, we have to tackle the challenge to making social media successful, and there are so many security issues within the healthcare industry, especially with the type of information that we store.
Patient information is protected by HIPAA, and we worry about breaches of privacy when it comes to that, so we’re looking for ways to resolve that like many other national healthcare organizations have done. We have presence on Facebook and Twitter and a channel on YouTube that gets a lot of traction because we store great videos that we produce and that air on our behalf. Gradually we’ve moved the needle on social media, and I’ve convinced the executives and those who aren’t social media users that it’s the way to go, so we’re starting to get on the bandwagon.
WinmoEdge: Who’s the primary target market you keep in mind when crafting your marketing and brand messaging – is it more of a focus on businesses or individual consumers?
Roymi Membiela: Baptist’s outreach is primarily to consumers. We have three market segments that are very important to us – the domestic/local market is important to us. Being in South Florida, it’s an extremely diverse market, and we have to customize the messaging for the communities so they get the proper information with the right language and tone.
At the national level, we have also been doing some outreach for some of our products because of the fact that the services in some of our entities qualify excellence and are starting to attract patients for those services at the national level. Gradually it’s a good target for us to cultivate.
And at the international level, Baptist is one of the largest international healthcare programs. We attract a large number of international patients – it’s an area that I’ll be dedicating a lot of time and emphasis to, to see how we can fine-tune our communications strategy in areas like South America and the Caribbean.
WinmoEdge: Given the importance of reaching the domestic market, how does Baptist Health determine strategic partnerships on a local- and/or community-based level?
Roymi Membiela: Baptist is a nonprofit organization, and sometimes most people don’t think of us like that because we’re so large, but we are a nonprofit, and technically all of the excess revenue we’ll accumulate at the end of our fiscal year gets reinvested in the community, so there are some limitations with our sponsorships. Our board is strict with setting up guidelines as to how we can reinvest with our community. We have a well defined mission, so everything we do has to be related to healthcare, wellness, prevention, early detection, etc., and we tend to limit our exposure in terms of sponsorships to organizations that serve the communities where we’re located in Miami Dade, Broward and Monroe Counties.
WinmoEdge: Have you begun to consider contracting a marketing or public relations firm to assist with your international consumer initiatives?
Roymi Membiela: Eventually, we’ll probably look at an agency to help us in the international arena, and I am also looking at the possibility of doing some research for national agencies with experience in healthcare that can help us deliver our commitment to extend the value of the brand beyond South Florida.
We currently work with half a dozen local firms on various projects, but it’s more on a project basis. Sometimes those are long-term relationships or projects, but it’s been more to satisfy the needs of the local market. I do see potential in terms of evaluating how to consolidate some of those agency relationships, and creating more strategic partnerships with the directive of national and international that right now we’re not covering.
We’ve grown fast and quite a bit, and part of that has been due to creating partnerships with agencies, but only in response to immediate growth, and sometimes it’s good to look back and to say it doesn’t make sense for us to have 12 agencies when we can have one or two full-service firms. There’s some work I need to do on that front, but I do foresee looking at the needs of the brand’s extension to national and international – we’ll need partnerships with firms that have that expertise.
The Nielsen Company reported that Baptist Health South Florida relegated $2.03 million to media messaging in 2009. About $1.6 million was put toward local newspaper ads, about $300,000 was spent on television spots and about $90,000 was allocated to outdoor ads.

Baptist Health South Florida
6855 Red Road
Suite 500
Coral Gables, FL 33143
(305) 273-2555
Ms. Roymi Membiela
Corporate Vice President, Marketing & Public Relations
(305) 273-2555
Brian Keeley
President & Chief Executive Officer
(305) 273-2555