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Miami Subs Corporation, founded in 1979, is a quick service restaurant chain. Corporate offices for Miami Subs are located in Fort Lauderdale, FL. and is one of the largest sub and grill chains in the nation. ** NOTE: As a privately held subsidiary of a publicly traded parent company, annual revenue and employee count are not readily available. Therefore, the revenue and employee figures presented below are those of the parent company. **

Main Telephone (954) 973-0000
Main Fax (954) 973-7616
Primary Address
6300 Northwest 31st Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309-1633

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Frank B. Vice President FL
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Main Phone: (954) 973-0000
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Assistant Phone: *** **** ***
Address: 6300 Northwest 31st Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Jackie M. Director, Marketing FL

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INTERVIEW: Miami Subs Grill's CEO discusses brand revitalization, expansion

By Josh Stone

Miami Subs Grill is earning its new name, The New Miami Subs Grill, after taking on several initiatives to revitalize its brand.

In recent months, Latin hip hop star “significant” equity position in the South Florida sub chain, which also added premium burgers to its menu July 3 and launched a Latin Fusion menu Sept. 4.

The menu features items like the Cuban sandwich; the Roast Pork Sandwich; Tostones, a Caribbean side dish of fried green plantains; yellow rice; Guava Cheesecake; and tropical beverages like Materva and Jupina. As such, The New Miami Subs Grill is now more of a Greek and Latin diner.

The chain, now incorporating a distinctly Latin flavor into all aspects of its brand, also has plans to expand into South America. Deals have recently been announced that would expand the chain to Guyana and perhaps later to Honduras and Brazil.

At its peak during the ‘90s, the company had a few hundred restaurants, but it dropped to about 170 locations in spring 2001 to about 35 today. However, the current ownership group that purchased the brand in 2007 is ready to ramp up expansion again.

WinmoEdge caught up with Chief Executive Officer Richard Chwatt, who discussed the impact of bringing on a popular star like Pitbull (almost 24 million likes; over 7 million Twitter followers) and The New Miami Subs Grill’s growth goals. He also touched on the role marketing will play in this revitalization and the brand’s openness to forming new relationships and sponsorships.

What does it mean from a growth standpoint to have Pitbull on board as a new equity partner? In addition to South America, is there further expansion planned in Florida and perhaps and beyond?

Richard: It’s a major win for the The New Miami Subs Grill franchise chain and for all of our existing and prospective franchisors who will now have a business partner affiliation in this powerful and legendary music superstar. While most brands in our category announce paid brand/celebrity spokespeople, we are fortunate to have a substantial equity partner in Pitbull (video below) who has a genuine and close affinity with our brand, having started as an early rapper in Miami who frequented our South Beach location and would often be seen in location writing lyrics to his new songs. It’s an incredible alignment to have Pitbull, a recognized international music star to be on board with The New Miami Subs Grill as we ready our brand for worldwide and domestic expansion.

We like where he’s taking the brand and are incorporating his philosophy of blending great food with great music to create a great dining experience. We like the changes we are seeing happening for the brand and we’re excited to let the evolution of Miami Subs unfold into the public eye. Keep watching there’s lots more change to come and great new additions ahead.  

Can you provide background on why and how Miami Subs is incorporating a distinct Latin flavor into all aspects of the brand, including its marketing? Why was conducting research and getting the community involved such an important part of this evolution?

Richard: Part of the Miami Subs brand initiative is celebrating our roots, having started in Miami 20 years ago with catapulting success. Our loyal fans have expressed that they certainly do have a desire for globally inspired great food. As part of our commitment to diversifying our offers, we felt that it would be a great addition to have some Latin expansion in our menu. The new Latin fusion additions expand the menu offerings for our customers, encouraging them to dine more with flavors that are more authentic.

Our customers can now experience Latin favorites at the same destination they've been coming to for their cheesesteaks, subs, wings and gyro platters. Additionally, these items embrace our new equity partnership with international music sensation Pitbull and the roots of our fan base. The Latin fusion menu is sure to entice new foodies to think of Miami Subs for their favorite Latin dishes too.

Will Pitbull be featured in Miami Subs marketing and communications outreach? If yes, in what ways?

Richard: Yes, absolutely. Consumers can expect to experience sophisticated influences of Pitbull with their Miami Subs experience. His new music and overall image identity is present and will continue to be present in our newly launching and existing restaurant locations along with overall brand identity efforts and growing franchise outreach efforts.

Additionally, our Facebook fans and Twitter fans have been tuning in at higher rates than ever before to our social media platforms for ongoing news tips on Pitbull and in turn his Facebook fan pages and Twitter pages incorporate news happening with Miami Subs. We have some fun initiatives launching as well including our “Win Lunch with Pitbull” promotion and fans can already access great video and interview dialogues between Pitbull and Miami Subs and what’s taking shape with this new equity partnership by tuning into our YouTube page or website.

We’ve recently introduced new television commercials promoting the new look and feel at Miami Subs and they too incorporate elements of Pitbull.   

What are Miami Subs short- and long-term goals during its revitalization phase?

(pictured right): We're looking to reclaim our growth potential in the U.S. market, beginning with South Florida. We’re focusing immense efforts on renovation, relocation, expansion and a commitment to downsizing existing locations that simply don’t fall in line with projected growth plans or our new image.  

We’ve recently announced domestic and worldwide expansion efforts beginning with Latin America and the exciting news of the arrival of international music star Pitbull to The New Miami Subs Grill board of directors and managing team. We intend on working in collaboration with Pitbull to ensure the future brand revitalization for Miami Subs continues at an aggressive pace.
We will continue to work on our brand development to include new menu introductions, limited time offerings and exciting promotional tie-ins.

Who are Miami Subs core customer segments and how may this evolve with the new Latin Fusion approach? Is the company hoping to engage new types of customers with this approach, or is it more about re-energizing the brand?

Richard: We have a broad customer base due to a varied menu, including recent introductions such as our Fresh Angus Steak Burgers and Heart Healthy menu. With the Latin Fusion menu we are appealing to our existing customers by continuing our trend of introducing new and different ethnic flavors to the menu and creating repeat visits; specifically to our existing Hispanic customers - we are acknowledging their influence and the fusion of cultures and flavors in our community.

At the same time, we have created a new enticing opportunity for new Hispanic customers to discover us by offering Latin favorites they recognize and our delicious varied menu.

What are the primary marketing/communications channels and media that Miami Subs relies on to reach its target audiences?

Richard: Our media strategy includes a diverse combination of traditional and non-traditional channels such as TV, radio, direct mail, e-mail and mobile marketing, viral and social media.  We have a strong in-store merchandising and point of purchase program in place and a local store marketing program specific to each restaurant and demographic.  It is very important to us to open and continue dialog with our customers through local community and charitable events, including a diverse participation in charitable organizations.

Alliances that we have supported at Miami Subs include Boys & Girls Club, Rockers in Recovery, Morgan Pressle Cancer Tournament, DJ Irie Weekend, Hadassah, Haiti food relief, Caribbean Soccer Association and Toys for Tots.

How is this mix continuing to evolve as part of the revitalization efforts? Is the company testing new channels and environments? If yes, in what areas?

Richard: Yes, we certainly are testing new channels and environments regularly, such as mobile marketing (Pandora) and, most recently, Hispanic media channels. We’ve had a substantial portion of our marketing put towards viral and social media and have been achieving a whirlwind of fan interest from both a general fan resurgence and new fan resurgence coming from the Pitbull fan base.

It’s been a great alliance and we additionally have continued our commitment to outreach into the local community and charitable endeavors and have some exciting initiatives planned for this season surrounding those community endeavors including specialized Nascar promotions, red carpet events and Hispanic centered event initiatives.

How is The Gab Group involved in these efforts?

Subs Grill forward with our complete brand revamp and objectives for aggressive domestic and worldwide expansion.  

Does Miami Subs work with additional agencies or other types of vendors? If yes, whom and how are they also involved?

Richard: Yes, we have affiliated agencies that support various marketing, advertising and community initiatives for our brand such as our recent joining of the South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. In addition, we continue to participate in regular co-branding efforts and marketing initiatives with brands such as Coca-Cola and others.

How important are strategic marketing partnerships like sponsorships and/or co-branding in Miami Subs’ outreach? Is the company ramping up its relationships in these areas as part of its revitalization efforts? If yes, in what ways?

Richard: Very valuable and we’ve had some very exciting new relationships and sponsorships come forward to our corporate offices and website since the announcement of Pitbull’s equity ownership in Miami Subs too. We remain open to these types of opportunities that have come our way both for the iconic brand of Miami Subs in addition to our new Pitbull affiliation.

There are many individuals and important companies that have wanted to be part of our successful expansion efforts for quite some time now. Miami is a brand all of its own and we are now looking to reclaim our heritage in the fast casual marketplace with our brand revitalization efforts. Miami Subs has always been a recognized franchise chain with tremendous potential for a comeback and we’re looking forward to selecting and announcing new marketing partnerships and strategic alliances soon to the public.  


The appropriate contact for relationships and sponsorships is Jackie Maceda, director of marketing, at