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Jackson Family Wines is a global family-owned company that produces and markets wine through it's various wineries in California, France, Chile, Italy & Australia. Jackson Family Wines is based in Santa Rosa, CA.

Main Telephone (707) 544-4000
Main Fax
Primary Address
425 Aviation Boulevard
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Jackson Family Wines, Inc. Contacts

Contacts (5/15)
Name Title State
Barbara B. Proprietor & Co-Chairman CA
Sample of Associated Brands
Email: *****@*******.***
Main Phone: (707) 544-4000
Direct Phone: *** **** ***   ext: ****
Direct Fax: *** **** ***
Assistant Name: ** **** ***
Assistant Phone: *** **** ***
Address: 425 Aviation Boulevard
Santa Rosa, CA

Caroline S. Executive Vice President & Chief Communications & Marketing Officer CA
Hugh R. President CA
Monique S. Vice President, Communications - Chateau Lassegue CA
Jeff N. Vice President, Marketing CA

Media Spend

Media Spend Summary
Media Spend Channel

Associated Brands

Brand Media Spend
Cambria *
Edmeades *
La Crema ******
Matanzas Creek *
Jackson Spire Collection *

Agency Relationships

Brand Agency Service From To
******* **** creative, digital, public relations, social 2013 present
******** **** creative, digital, public relations, social 2013 present
***** ******* **** creative, digital, public relations, social 2013 present
******* ****** **** creative, digital, public relations, social 2013 present
******* ****** ********** ***** **** creative, digital, public relations, social 2013 present

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INTERVIEW: Kendall-Jackson CMO speaks on reaching younger demo, new campaign

By Natalie Quinn
Staff Writer

Kendall-Jackson Wine Estate’s new partnership with MWW Group has fashioned a fresh approach to the shared language of wine that elegantly engages key younger consumers while continuing to educate the core demographic.

GlobalWorks Group.

The family-owned winery also introduced an online and mobile wine App, which allows users to pair wine selections with experiences and mood, as well as taste inclinations and traditional food couplings. The App is currently rated in the top 25 of the 5000 existing Apps in the food and wine category.

GlobalWorks created the app and is responsible for all creative and the campaign behind the App.

MWW Group's Los Angeles and New York offices led the 90-day effort around the release of themobile wine App, which allows users to pair wine selections with experiences and mood, considering visuals, occasions and senses to be as important as words.

The user may select options such as color and flavor, while also considering one’s mood, interests and social situations.

, vice president of communications, took the time to chat with WinmoEdge about how this is the first time that a brand in the wine industry is breaking away from traditional food pairing by looking at color pairing, and even the mood sourcing part that is in the mobile application.

“When we look at some of the demographic research, we are showing that people who are downloading the App more than others are social influencers and gamers because it kind of has that fun element to it,”
Shaw said. “Our whole goal is to make wine more accessible, snob-free, and get people to have fun with it and enjoy it because it is social.”

Hunke said a good example of this is a time, “…when [an App user] is standing in the grocery or wine store, [he/she can] whip out a smartphone right there to make decisions. People don’t need to be intimidated anymore.”

is not only christening the wine industry with a new pairing philosophy, the brand is ultimately changing the way that people view wine.

“You are not going to change an iconic brand like Kendall-Jackson or the logo itself,” Shaw stated. “What we did is take a piece of it, [that you can see] when you first downloaded the App, and made it a little more colorful. We played with the shield. Instead of calling it Kendall-Jackson, we called it K-J, because our consumer research suggests that people know that K-J represents Kendall-Jackson.”

Shaw touched on this as she brought up another feature of the App that inevitably instigates crowdsourcing, another important element that is unique to the wine industry. Users can connect with the Facebook community to learn what friends are saying about the wine or partake in a profile scan that pairs wine with the users profile page information.

“The wine conversation is changing,” Shaw expressed. “Wine brings us together and that’s where the whole new tagline, 'Goes Well with Friends' is such a critical piece of it.”

Shaw explained that the brand introduced this multi-year campaign by following consumer trends collected from 30 years of being known as America’s favorite wine.

“Baby Boomers do count as the largest present demographic of Kendall-Jackson, and for wine drinkers in general,”
she continued.. “So, for us, the future really lies with the younger Generation X and Millennials. If we want to grow and keep our wines relevant, we have to talk to these people instead of relying on the traditional 'Sea of Fameness' to get to them.”

According to the Kendall-Jackson
, “…each day on the planet, more iPhones are sold than babies are born.”

Shaw added that in the same amount of time 4.7 billion minutes are spent on Facebook, 2 million blogs are posted, and 864 hundred thousand hours are spent on YouTube.

Knowing these statistics, Kendall-Jackson had no choice but to reach a younger graphic because these consumers are more social and tech savvy.

“We feel that we can attract them through our core values, family, sustainability, and handcrafted, they will enjoy our wine,” Shaw added.

It’s not about leaving the core demographic behind, though; it’s about expanding to a bigger and broader demographic.

“It is a social feel and people want to discover wines and explore wines in different ways,” Hunke said. “I think we are still being true to our heritage as one of America’s favorite wineries.”

A component of the App offers suggestions from Kendall-Jackson experts based on individualized selections within the four categories of occasion, time, mood and preference.

Experts suggest a specific wine based on conclusive selections and add a friendly, casual quote explaining why.

Some experts included in the App are Jackson family member Kate Jackson, K-J Director of Education Gilian Handelman, and K-J Winemaster Randy Ullom.

Hunke also added that while scores and work with their colleagues and the critics at
The campaign is a way to engage with these consumers in the place that they are.

“I think it’s a wine education tool,” Shaw said. “People want to be knowledgeable when they look at a wine list or go into that glass canyon when they go into a grocery store. The wine education tool is really engaging to every demographic because wine can be a little intimidating and we want to make sure we are educating people and keeping their content fresh always.”

Shaw added that the brand’s core demographic refers to it as K-J also and that all demographics appreciate the “Goes Well with Friends, Goes Well with Family” dynamic integrated into the campaign.

“This is a commitment for a long term campaign where we will continue to work across multiple platforms, whether it is
, or our website,” Shaw said.

The brand developed acontains deeper knowledge about the wine than the App offers.

This App serves as one of the many tools that the brand uses in the marketing world to reach to its consumers. As far as other changes to the brand, K-J will not change its bottles or logo due to 30 years of invested time in brand awareness, however there is room to play with some of the labels of the brand.

Also, Shaw added that the brand will go to a screw cap instead of a cork on the K-J.

Hunke added that the shield, recognizable to many as the logo, is not the official logo of Kendall-Jackson. Rather, it is an identity element that complements the official logo.

This gives the brand flexibility with the shape and image of the symbol that represents and portrays the existing values of the company, such as its family ownership, sustainability and the vineyard story.

The brand will
add several features to the App, including a store locator and augmented reality to bring wine and winery stores to life in new ways. There will also be additional social media functionality, so the brand will continue to make the tool and App relevant in many ways.

“Big believers that marketing has changed drastically over the years (are our) 7,000 wineries in the state of California," Shaw said. "Within the 7,000, there are only 35 individuals who are on social media teams. So really, of those 35, five are on our team, so we are already garnering about five percent of people working on the social media platform.”

K-J partnered with
for almost a year, which is on an annual retainer.

K-J has a strong three-person in house marketing team, who voiced to DV that they are not interested in open calls.

Hunke, who comes from an agency background, added that he feels the most important characteristic of an agency is for it to "...bring balances of strategic, an ability to execute, an ability to measure a strong rolodex and have a mix of high-level partnership as well as on the ground arms and legs. I think that’s easier said than done."

Jackson Family Wines
425 Aviation Blvd.
Santa Rosa, CA  95403

Caroline Shaw
Executive Vice President
Chief Communications & Marketing Officer
(707) 547-4757